music is the language of the heart。


where words fail, music speaks

Children are naturally drawn to music.
This makes music a great way to supplement and amplify a child's development and learning. Our programs bring out the music in every child, and play an important role in their social, emotional, and academic development.

How did you first memorise THE ABC?

Just like how music helped you learned the alphabet, we harness music to help your child learn the following hard and soft skills while having fun!


Rhyme and Poetry through songs.
Vocabulary building through songs and songbooks.
Experimenting with different vowels and consonants.


Number and sequence recognition through songs.
Spatial awareness through understanding musical structure and movement in music.

Sensorial Sensitivity

Sensorial development through exploring different vibrations produced by different sounds and instruments.

Fine Motor Skills

Exposure to different instruments and different forms of playing.
Music and movement through finger play.

Gross Motor Skills

Music and movement through dance.

Emotional Skills

Expressing emotions effectively through music and participating confidently through music.

Social Skills

Turn taking, teamwork, voicing out ideas and opinions, listening to others.

Physical Coordination

Improving physical coordination through dance and movement.
Singing and playing an instrument.


Engaging imagination to create sounds and melodies to call your own.



The school wide music program is a comprehensive music curriculum for all children during school hours. Each cohort will have a 30 minute session once a week customized to the developmental stage of the children and their interests.

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The afterschool music program is an hour-long mixed aged music program for children aged between 3-6 years old. It is conducted in English, and the maximum capacity is 6 children.

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The music academy provides 1-to-1 or 1-to-2 private instrument lessons in English from 4 years and up. Lessons lead up to seasonal recitals where children come together to perform alongside professional guests and learn from each other.

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happy parents and educators

We give minim the highest recommendation

"It is clear upon the first meeting that minim is very good with teaching young children. Learning was made fun and engaging. The sessions inspired confidence and encouraged my son to be creative and challenge himself. He never wanted his hour-long piano session to end; he always wanted the teacher to stay longer and teach him more. It was a such a joy watching our son’s passion for the art of music grow in a caring and nurturing environment."

J and P McEachern, Parents
music academy

i am so impressed by their performance

"My son started learning music from this class, and he likes this class very much. He learns the basic concepts of notes, instruments, and the way to play it. I am surprised that he can differentiate some of the notes. I am so impressed by their performance. This class definitely builds the foundation for him to learn the certain instruments easier in future."

Y Zhou, Parent
afterschool music

minim sessions encourage children to express themselves with confidence

"Minim music sessions include tools to promote self-confidence, self-efficacy, expressions, emotions, and empathy. Additionally, there were all sorts of movement, storytelling activities to motivate young children and express themselves through music using all the developmental domains.."

P Shimoda, Educator
foundation music

my daughter loves this class and so do i

"I love that the class integrated musical literacy in a fun way, and that fact that it is not just singing songs or dancing. My daughter is much more interested in playing the piano at home after taking the afterschool class. I also love that the children get to play with different instruments."

M Watanabe, Parent
afterschool music

students respond to the teacher with respect, admiration and affection

"Mimim classes are upbeat, fun and interactive. Our school curriculum was incorporated into the music sessions, for example she promoted my students’ mathematical abilities by planning music activities that involved elements of counting, sorting and matching. The teaching method maintained student interest and engagement, and each lesson catered to several learning styles."

A Everscyn, Educator
foundation music
minim xuemin music specialist

about the educator

A warm welcome to the minim family! My name is Xuemin (pronounced shu-eh-min). I am a passionate music educator dedicated to nuturing the language of music in every child and building an exciting international music community for children in Tokyo to flourish and learn from each other.

Before becoming a full time music specialist for early childhood, I was a preschool classroom teacher for 4 years. Besides studying in Singapore, I also studied in Japan and China, majoring in Music and Education in Waseda University, and International Relations from Peking University. I speak English, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese. In all countries I have lived in, I was an avid participator and contributor of local music groups and have performed in choirs, bands, musicals, a capella groups, instrument recitals and taiko drum events. When teaching children, I draw in all the amazing experiences I have had to the children and speak to their heart through music.

I look forward to creating lots of fun, memorable, and musical experiences with you and your child!

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minim family

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Join our diverse and international community of parents and children based in Tokyo today. Minim Family members gather quarterly in cosy music showcases and recitals.

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