Afterschool music

The afterschool music program is an hour-long mixed aged music program for children
aged between 3-6 years old. It is conducted in English, and the maximum
capacity is 12 children. While sign ups happen every school term, parents are highly encouraged to sign their child up for the whole school year for the child to have a full experience of the program.

The program has 3 main goals:
1. Music literacy
Enabling children to recognize and write simple musical notation.

2.  Formal instrument learning
Introducing formal instrument learning to allow children to have foundational understanding in playing complex instruments. Each term, the child will focus on playing and performing with one of these instruments: piano, drum, ukulele.

3. Musical creativity
Encouraging children to express themselves creatively through music by engaging in music activities geared towards their interest (e.g. instrument making, interpretaing and dancing to music, painting with music, playing music games, etc.)

At the end of each term, children will work together to produce a short showcase to consolidate their learning journey.

1 Hour

3-6 years old
6-10 years old

Lesson fee 
3500 yen per lesson
Fees slightly varies depending on school

American School in Japan Early Learning Center 
Willowbrook International School
EtonHouse International Preschool 
Summerhill International School
Tokyo American Club
American School in Japan
Nishimachi International School
Tokyo International School
Montessori School of Tokyo
Poppins Active Learning International School Ebisu
Active Learning School Hiroo

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