[New class in TAC] OyakoSong - Parent and Child Music

Minim is proud to launch OyakoSong with Tokyo American Club (TAC) - an infant/toddler program! Here is a sneak peak of the facilities and what you can expect children and parents/guardians to learn from the program.

Me with the lovely and bubbly Marika, TAC's Recreation Programs Coordinator, part of the team in TAC who make all the recreation programs possible! 

This is the leaflet the TAC has kindly created for the program. Spot them in TAC!
OyakoSong is held in the spacious Activity Room #2, on Mondays 0930-1015 and 1030-1115. When children and parents enter the room, they are greeted by a warm carpet with many instruments and sounds for them to explore. Take your shoes off before entering the carpet area for the maximum soft furry experience.
These are our lesson goals. During the 45 minutes, infants and toddlers together with their accompanying adult will experience a music program that develops the above goals.
The full class capacity is 10 groups of children, and we ensure that there are enough instruments to go around the class. We believe that we learn best by a hands on approach! Participants can look forward to lots of singing, playing instruments and book reading!
Desk Bells
Sleigh bells
At the last 10 minutes of the lesson, we wrap it up with a Japanese folk/children song according to the season, festival and celebration. We look forward to getting to know more about Japan through the lens of songs. Above is an example of the song we will learn.

Music is the language of the heart and we are sure that the power of good songs and music will capture the attention of children to pick up multiple skills that will aid them later in life. We look forward to fun and enriching times with everyone! 

Till next time! 


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