Music Academy - Private Instrument lessons

The music academy provides private instrument lessons in English from 4 years and up. We strongly believe that with effective teaching methods, goal setting and consistent practice, children set themselves on the track to mastering an instrument. 

We also recognize that performance is an essential component in the performing arts. It is a strong motivator for children to work hard and master their skills to become even better musicians. Your listening ear to these recitals are invaluable to cultivating confident and passionate musicians of the future. Look forward to cozy seasonal recitals where children are given an opportunity to showcase their new skills and learn from each other.

Program types
1:1 instrument instruction
1:2 instrument instruction - learn with a friend


4 years and up

1 Hour

2-3 times a year

Fee per lesson
1:1 instruction - 8000yen 
1:2 instruction - 5000yen per child

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Willowbrook International School
Home lesson available upon enquiry.